8 Types of blog posts that are creative


If you own a blog you know the importance of keeping your blog fresh and your audience interested. It can be difficult to create blog posts that aren't boring your visitors, but still interesting enough to keep them coming back.

It doesn't matter whether you are blogging for fun or blogging to make money, if visitors are your goal then here are eight types of blog posts that you can use to keep your blog interesting, promote sharing, increase followers and encourage comments.

Type 1. - The QUICK TIPS Blog Post.

These quick tips make great "in-between" posts. These are usually between 100-250 words. These tips can be useful if you have some ideas you wish to share with your readers, but they don't need to be a blog post. Your tip should focus on one area within your niche. A great tip for a blog about dieting is "How to Eat Less When Eating Out"

Type 2 - The 'HOW TO' Blog Post

Expanding on the quick tips blog post, let's look at the 'how to' posts. These posts provide more in-depth information for your readers about how to accomplish specific tasks related to your niche, such as specific examples or step-by-step instructions. These posts could be divided into one or more parts.

You can find ideas for 'how-to' posts on niche forums and related blogs. These forums are great places to look for answers to questions others have about specific tasks. Well written, detailed informative 'how to' posts are typically very popular and can help recognize you as an authority in your field.

Typ 3 - The "REVIEW" Blog Post

Product or service reviews are especially useful to readers because it helps them with the decision buying process. This is a great way for you to monetize your blog. This is particularly beneficial to affiliate marketers. This gives you an opportunity to earn a commission on every sale you make by reviewing a product and including your affiliate link.

The key to writing a credible 'review' blog post is not to simply go over the major benefits and highlights of the product, but to also mention things about the product that could be improved. This keeps your review balanced and also gives your reader a more objective view. Your blog visitors will appreciate you candid honesty and be more inclined to trust your recommendation.

Typ 4 - The Ressource Blog Post

Some of the most popular blogs use resource lists. Lists are a favorite among blog readers because they allow them to quickly scan the information and concentrate on the content that interests them.

For example, if writing a post on the '10 ways to lose weight fast' a resource list would mention the posts from related blogs that also have this information. This will give your reader a wider range of ideas and tips.

This will make you a valuable resource to readers who will be able to find as much information on the subject as you can.

Type 5 - The INTERVIEW Blog Post

People love interviews, especially if it's with someone they like and admire. Interview someone from your niche and share the results with your blog readers. Interviews can also be a powerful traffic source as the person you interview will likely post the interview to their blog or elsewhere on the internet, which will bring more traffic back your way!

Typ 6 - The "BEST OF" Blog Post

These posts are great for the end of the year and/or season. If you are a frequent reader, you could list your 'best' books, articles, or guides. You could also make a post that highlights your most popular blog posts for the year. Whatever your niche, have a look back at the items, events or ideas that were the year's best and create a post around them. This can be fun, especially for nostalgic readers.

Type 7 - The PERSONAL STORY' Blog Post

A personal story is something that everyone loves. Anybody who follows your blog or you would be interested to hear about a personal event related to your niche. Have you attended a seminar? Did you buy a new product? Did you have a mishap that could be made an example of? Without getting too personal or overly detailed, writing a blog post on you personal achievements or activities almost always draws interest and feedback.

Typ 8 - The "NEWS" Blog Post

Each niche has news-related items and Parents For Occupy Wall St happenings. Keep your ears and eyes open for news and then search for a newsworthy item. Then, write your comments. This post is easy to make and quick, but it encourages readers' feedback. Be sure to link to the post you are referring to along with your comments.